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Tabák - Element Earth 25g - Blueberrie
Tabák - Element Earth 25g - Cuctus Fik
Tabák - Element Earth 25g - Lyci
Tabák - Element Earth 25g - Piach
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Blackberrie
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Blueberrie
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Calamansi
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Cuctus Fik
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Curant
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Limon
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Faihoa
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Grapefrut&pmelo
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Mng
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Morozz
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Peer
Tabák - Element Water 25g - Pinappl
Tabák - Element Air 25g - Amazingreen
Tabák - Element Air 25g - Berriemore
Tabák - Element Air 25g - Granat Halls
Tabák - Element Air 25g - Noirmlon
Tabák - Element Air 25g - Tropicana
Tabák - Element Air 10x25g - Tropicana
Tabák - Element Air 10x25g - Noirmlon
Tabák - Element Air 10x25g - Granat Halls

Hookah tobacco

Selection of hookah tobacco

Neither crown nor carbon but hookah tobacco is what you smoke. The basic composition is tobacco leaves and molasses, which contains a flavor component, syrup, glycerin and preservatives. The taste component, the type of tobacco and the ratio of components differ among individual manufacturers.

Types of hookah tobacco

Tobacco is produced from Virginia, Burley and Oriental varieties, with Virginia having largest representation. There are alternatives such as nicotine-free stones and valorization gels, but the alpha and omega of smoking remains high-quality light and dark tobacco.

Light tobacco for turnips tastes like stones and gels. It is lighter, as a large amount of nicotine is lost by washing, compared to cigarettes and cigars, it contains a minimum and is not addictive. Light tobaccos created the phenomenon of Arab and Indian coziness around the hookah.

The modern wave of smoking brought dark tobacco to the turnip. They are more reminiscent of the usual addictive smoking, have a greater amount of nicotine and bring a more pronounced taste experience and higher resistance to heat. However, for smoking dark tobacco we recommend at least basic hookah experience.

Hookah tobacco taste

The taste of tobacco is unique to each brand. But the portfolio is really wide and you can find everything on the market, from fruit and citrus flavors to sweet and creamy to non-traditional flavors such as basil.

When you are no longer interested in the flavors that you normally get on the market, you can start mixing tobacco into the hookah. This gives you an even greater selection of flavors that you can mix exactly to your taste.

Choose from our wide range of hookah tobacco. Here you can find top brands like Darkside, Maridan, Theo, WTO and many more in one place. Get inspired in our article full of tips on selection of hookah tobacco.