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Charcoal - Badge 26mm 1kg
BadgeCharcoal - Badge 26mm 1kg
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Uhlíky - Badge 26mm Horeca 20kg

How to choose hookah carbons

Hookah coals

Among the most famous types of hookah coals are quick-flaming and natural coals. Quick-burning coals burn quickly and easily, but they contain chemicals that cause headaches, spoil the taste, and burn out very quickly. That's why you can't buy them from us.

Natural coconut charcoals

Today, the most used coconut charcoals are those that have gained a monopoly in podsata, only occasionally you can meet bamboo charcoals. This is a natural material without chemical treatment, they have a high calorific value, precisely hold and conduct heat and are easy to work with.

To light the coconut coals, you will need a fire - a stove, candle, fireplace or other source. Their preparation takes longer, but is rewarded with up to an hour's duration and excellent properties.

You will only buy carbons of the highest quality, the development of which we have participated in many cases. A very important aspect is the storage of carbons, as they must not get wet at any cost. We guarantee that we take care of the stock carefully and our coals will not go out.

Shop Carbons from Exclusive Brands Izzy Coco, Crown and Badge and enjoy undisturbed pipe experience.