Jak vybrat tabák do vodní dýmky

Tabák do vodní dýmky - jak vybrat?

Are you just entering the world of hookahs and don't know how to find your way around the wide range? We have prepared a guide to choosing tobacco just for you.

Selection of hookah tobacco

Getting your bearings in the world of hookahs has probably never been more difficult than it is today. There are dozens of brands and top manufacturers that focus on hookah bodies, vases, bowls, tobaccos and various accessories. In the last part, we looked at the selection of hookah bowls, today we will show you the possibilities of hookah tobacco.

The market has taken off in recent years, with a new brand and countless flavours added every year. Today, there are dozens of brands and hundreds of flavours and even in the Czech Republic, several distributors have been added in the last few years. For example, Dark Side, Tangiers, MIX TO, Maridan, Adalya and others are imported.

Hookah tobacco is divided into two main categories: light and black tobacco. Another important division is according to the country of production, the tobacco leaf used and, last but not least, the heat resistance..

Hookah tobacco by tobacco leaf

Oriental, Burley, Virginia and occasionally cigar leaves are used to make hookah tobacco.

  • Virginia is the most commonly used tobacco, which can vary in strength according to each brand's secret manufacturing process.
  • Burley is the second most used leaf with a higher nicotine content.
  • Oriental is used significantly less, usually adding no more than a few percent.

Light vs. dark shisha tobacco

Light tobacco is weaker than dark tobacco. It is made using Virginia tobacco leaf, which is modified to contain less nicotine. Je proto ideální pro začátečníky s dýmkami.

Portfolio příchutí světlých tabáků je skutečně obrovské. Setkáte se se vším od ovocných, citrusových a krémových chutí až k netradičním příchutím, jako je bazalka. U nás jsou nejznámější značky Adalya, 7-days, Maridan, Al-fakher, Element a MIX TO.

The portfolio of light tobacco flavours is truly vast. You will encounter everything from fruity, citrus and creamy flavours to unusual flavours such as basil. In our country, the best known brands are Adalya, 7-days, Maridan, Al-fakher, Element and MIX TO.

Black tobacco is typically more potent, but it depends on the brand. Again, Virginia leaf is most commonly used in the production process, but Burley and/or Orienta are blended into the mix. Some tobaccos are even purely Burley leaf based.

Once again, you can choose from a rich portfolio and you will see more faithful aromas on our behalf. Specialities such as chilli, salmon and steak are definitely worth mentioning. In the Czech Republic, you can buy black tobacco from brands such as Dark Side, Tangiers, Element, Spectrum and now also Black Burn, WTO and others.

Tip: Have you already explored the world of non-traditional tobacco flavours? You can smoke rye bread, cheese or corn.

Interesting tobaccos worth paying attention to

MIX TO is a special tobacco blend, where a separately packaged tobacco dry matter enriched with flavourings and a bottle of glycerine. You simply pour the glycerin into the blend, moisten the tobacco leaf and you are ready to smoke. This allows the manufacturer to offer the tobacco at a great price! We have written an article about MIX TO tobacco in which you will find out all the important information.

Another of the interesting tobaccos is WTO. Neither Virginia nor Burley is used in its production, but cigar leaves after at least four years of fermentation. It is sold in several lines:

  • Cuba - this is a weaker range without the use of aromas
  • Tanzania - a degree stronger than Cuba, but still weaker
  • Caribbean - medium strength range for more experienced hookah smokers
  • Nicaragua - the strongest range with a very distinctive taste
  • Perique - a strong limited series, of which only a few tons are produced per year

BlackBurn tobacco contains Burley leaf and is stronger than, for example, DarkSide. But what is particularly interesting is the specific production process, which ensures a better consistency of the product. Instead of the usual cooking of the tobacco leaves, the manufacturer uses a special mixture to soften the leaves, in which they lie for 48 hours and then ferment for 2 weeks.

Tangiers American tobaccos appeared on the market in 2000, but even after 20 years, they still hold their quality and firm place. One of its biggest advantages is that it's easy for the hookah maker to play around with - it's up to you whether you load it for flavour or strength. Tangiers tobacco is produced in four ranges:

  • BORQUQ: The weakest range of Tangiers tobaccos
  • NOIR: Medium expression and the most widespread range, also available in our country
  • F-LINE: The base is the same as the Noir range, but the tobacco is enriched with caffeine
  • BURLEY: Strongest range made from Burley leaves that can withstand more heat

It is also worth mentioning the Chabacco netball. This is a tobacco made from tea leaves, no tobacco dry matter is used at all. The brand offers three lines: nicotine-free, Medium and Hard. The Medium range is available in the Czech Republic, with a portfolio of 17 flavours.

Finally, I would like to mention an interesting project called Theo. It is a Czech hookah tobacco. I know the manufacturer personally, he tries to do everything as best as possible. He has 13 flavours in his portfolio and uses all three main varieties of tobacco leaves Virginia, Burley and Oriental. It's a dark tobacco, but its mild flavour makes it suitable for moderately advanced hookah smokers. The flavours are great on their own and in blends - try whichever suits you.