Nejbližší výstavy a festivaly vodních dýmek.

The nearest hookah exhibitions and festivals.

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Everyone spends a pipe session differently. Someone goes to their favorite restaurant, while someone else likes a home atmosphere. If you prefer sitting at home, you are sure to know a number of shops where you can buy pipes, coal or your favorite tobacco. But did you know that you can also enjoy smoking pipes elsewhere? Another ideal place for pipe fans are events and festivals focused on the pipe community, of which there are quite a few in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The main attraction, why go to such an event, are the exhibitors (either distributors or directly manufacturers), who will not only help and advise, but mainly present new goods, i.e. pipes, coal or some accessories, or show you what new tobacco is coming to us, to the market. But what events are available in the summer?

The nearest event is Ostrava v dýmu, which takes place in Ostrava in Poruba on June 25 and 26.

You can also visit the town of Bojnice in Slovakia, where the 2.7. to hold the Touareg Shisha Fest, and to Žilina, where the 9.7. will hold the Smoke Fest event.

On the same day, an event called JIH starts in the Czech Republic, this time in the south of Bohemia in České Budějovice, which will be here until July 10.

After that, it's quiet for a month, and on August 8th we will visit the capital of the Czech Republic, where the Prague Smokescreen will take place. A few weeks later, in the same city, i.e. in Prague, the last event of this summer will take place, namely the traditional Dýmky na kopci, on August 20.

Whatever event you choose, we look forward to seeing you.