Proč jsou užitečná malá balení tabáku?

Why are small packs of tobacco useful?

How did it all begin?

A few years ago, 50 and 100 gram packaging was the general industry standard. With rare exceptions, there were large packages of 200-250 g, which were intended mainly for specialized establishments and were rarely found in retail. In general, there were no complaints from buyers about smaller packaging. A 50-gram package was enough for a few crowns. One day Must Have decided to release the product in a miniature bottle with a volume of only 25 grams.

Why it became so popular

There are actually several reasons. The popularity of small volumes is connected with the interests of both parties, the buyer and the seller. First, selling small packages is more profitable for manufacturers. It's no secret that buying large volumes is more interesting for consumers from a financial point of view, it's a kind of wholesale and it works out cheaper than buying the same taste in the same quantity, but in smaller packages. However, there is a snag here. As you know, smoking the same flavor over and over is not as interesting as buying several flavors that we then mix, also for the given price of a large pack we buy less than with smaller packs where we can arrange nice portfolio of flavors.

From this point of view, small packages are useful for everyone, the manufacturer profits, the buyer has a wide range to choose from. In addition, before the arrival of small packages, the manufacturer had to send a full-sized package for review, now the tasting set has become smaller, which is also a certain saving.