Netradiční příchutě do vodní dýmky

Non-traditional hookah flavors

A few years ago, the industry expanded to include gourmet flavors such as bacon, cheese, bread, pilaf, corn and much more.

What is gastronomic taste?

The flavors of "food" are considered gastronomy: bacon, cheese, bread, basil, salami, tomato and pepper. These are flavors that few would imagine could even be smoked. A lot of people call it bizarre flavors.

How did hookah gastronomy begin?

It was first started by the manufacturer Tangiers, who introduced a bacon flavor around 2014, which only lasted a few years on the market, but it motivated the rest of the world. This created a fashion for the flavor industry.

Types and companies for the production of gastronomy

Taste of bread

Spectrum tobacco has an excellent taste of rye bread. Some will find the taste similar to the taste of kvass. If we talk about gastronomy, we can get an interesting taste when you make a pipe from the given tobacco and enrich it with something classic.

Cheese flavor

WTO brand cheese: dry, not sweet cheese. Kraken Cheddar Cheese: A lighter, sweeter cheese. Both flavors come from raw cigars.

Once again we have tobacco from the Spectrum company - spicy cheese, here the cheese is not well smelled, it is more reminiscent of a cheese plate, which is spiced with a hint of honey.

Corn flavor

The Sebero brand contains corn flavor: the pure taste of corn without salt. The corn flavor from WTO is not as strong as the raw cigar leaf dominates the corn. Original Virginia has a good taste of sweet, dessert popcorn.

The Spectrum company is known for its gastronomic tastes.

Kitchen line: Bacon, cream cheese, Italian soup, spicy curry, Czech trdelník.

Classic range: Adjika, bacon, spicy aroma of roasted tomatoes, sweet taste of rye bread, cheese aroma with honey and nut notes.

Definitely do not hesitate to try non-traditional flavors, the first time you try it you will be pleasantly surprised by the atypicality of the given tobacco.