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In the past, hookah was smoked on aluminum foil or on a badche. In India they smoked a hookah without foil or any other heat conductor, they just took coal and put it directly on the tobacco. Over time, they came up with the heat management system (HMS) or HMD (heat management device). Kaloud enabled easier work and better heat conduction.

What is a heat control system?

The device for heat regulation allows replacing the foil or badcha with a device that allows you to control the incoming heat from the coal to the tobacco. Typically, such devices are round in shape to comfortably fit a wide variety of crowns. The device is made of aluminum.

Appearance of Kaloud Lotus

The most popular brand of kaloud is Kaloud Lotus. The brand offers a classic model, but also a more luxurious one.

Kaloud Lotus is a device manufactured by the American company Kaloud. It was this company that made a small revolution and began to produce the most popular accessory for hookahs. Now many manufacturers produce similar models and copies in order to improve this accessory.

Too bad about the Chinese fakes

With all the advantages of the car and thanks to the high price of the original, the world was full of copies of these accessories. The Lotus mud is in contact with carbons that have a high temperature, so the material of the device is of great importance. Chinese replicas are made of poor quality material, the material may be harmful to health.

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