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How to open a pipe business - Basic recommendations

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In previous articles, we advised you how to choose the right crown or tobacco directly for you. All these things that we described to you in these articles could then be found in our e-shop, however, Izzy Smoke is not just a sale of things for pipe enthusiasts. We at Izzy Smoke are well aware that it is necessary to offer you a number of services that complement this offer beautifully. So let me introduce these services to you.

We all have dreams. Someone wants to have a big house, someone else wants a car, and someone wants to own a pipe business. Even if the realization of the first two dreams is up to you, we can help you with the third one, because in the coming months at Izzy Smoke we will launch a video series where we will discuss all possible topics related to starting and running your own business. We will look at what needs to be addressed already when choosing premises, what is necessary to know from legislation and hygiene regulations or other areas, how to shop and where, how to create successful marketing or what to be careful about when choosing and working with people. We will also discuss all these areas with guests who own their own businesses and who will be very happy to share this valuable information and even bring up funny situations from their own beginnings.

At the same time, we are launching the possibility of direct consultation with us. How is this better than a video series? While in our video series we look at the problem from a general point of view, our personal consultation offers you a much more detailed insight into all aspects of starting a new business, as well as recommendations tailored to you. We will go over the specifics and consult with you about your new space, its appearance, equipment and sanitary facilities, we will propose changes to comply with fire regulations or we will help you choose a cash register system. We are also able to help with the creation of the entire brand and its promotion. Last but not least, there is also the possibility of helping with purchases so that your smokehouse has exactly what it needs.

This was just a quick introduction to what we have in store for you, so you can look forward to a busy autumn full of news. If you can't wait any longer, follow our blog, where you will learn not only more detailed information about these services, but also other interesting information in the field of pipe making.