Festivaly vodních dýmek

Hookah festivals

This year, two important festivals took place in Europe.

The first took place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Second in Seville, Spain. You could meet us at both. If you haven't done so, I'll give you a reason to make a trip to one of the cities next year.

The whole event lasts 3 busy days. Where you can meet exhibitors from the Czech Republic, but also from other countries and even continents. This type of event is quite large, our stand alone had an area of 126 square meters.

There are various exhibitors who promote their own products, be it pipes or tobacco, but also accessories. You can usually try everything on your own to find out if the given product interests you and then it is possible to buy it. Plus, if you are already on a trip, you can also walk through the beautiful city and its corners.

As I already mentioned, each stand promotes its products or agreed collaborations with manufacturers.

We have enriched the exhibition with our IZZY COCO products, this is the charcoal directly below us, which we produce in sizes 26 mm and 27 mm, MIX TO – the new light tobacco that we distribute, you will be surprised by its durability, quality and price. Last but not least, our line of IZZY pipes and accessories, where we focus on simple design, great functionality and a friendly price. We are the European distributors of the Blade brand. Blade is a manufacturer of quality pipes and accessories. Next on our list is the manufacturer Thor, which focuses on beautiful and functionally interesting crowns. Zeppelin is a brand of quality HMS, in various colors with interesting AIR FLOW. Finally, we have a brand worth mentioning, and that is DDI, which makes beautiful epoxy pipes and also has a unique Crucifix model, which will interest you with its design.

For us, these events are definitely beneficial, if you want to meet new people and especially try out their products, or buy them, then don't hesitate to take part in one of the events.