Recenze vodní dýmky IZZY Smoke Carbon

IZZY Smoke Carbon hookah review

Today we received a package from the Czech distributor and seller IZZY Smoke. In it I find a simple box with the IZZY Hookah Logo. The inscription reveals that this is a Carbon model, which promises a balanced ratio of price, functionality and style. Did it work?

The box is really basic. The carton has the IZZY Hookah logo printed on it, and on the side we find a sticker with the model hiding in the box. There is no loop, and we have established that there is actually no need to open it. The box is certainly not intended for frequent carrying and is purpose-built for the one-time delivery of an undamaged pipe. Each component is attached to a part of the cardboard, and thanks to this, the components are separated and there is no risk of knocking them.

We take out the individual components and first take the body of the pipe, in which the heart is already mounted and in it the connector for the tendon. The body consists of a stainless steel tube and a firmly fitted Carbon sleeve, which is secured with stainless steel stops. The carbon is genuine and in our version it comes in green. Thanks to the Carbon structure, you can look forward to nice reflections and the overall body looks fresh. It's definitely another interesting move to make an ordinary stick more attractive.

The heart is made of polyacetal and has a stainless steel insert with a thread for reliable securing of the body and downstem. The non-return valve is solved using 3 balls, which are evenly spaced around. The balls are then secured with a polyacetal insert, making it more difficult to remove them for greater cleaning.

The connector is also made of polyacetal and secured with 2 o-rings. It holds reliably, too much at the beginning (so you will use more force at the beginning, before the seals run a little).

The downstem is made of stainless steel and has a short bevel at the end for fitting a diffuser. The latter is made of polyacetal and the downstem extends slightly, so it is necessary to use different water levels for use with / without a diffuser. It is functional and makes the pipe quieter and softens the overall draft.

The mouthpiece here is really simple. It is an ordinary stainless steel pipe, but it fulfills its purpose reliably.

The tray is then simple with a molding to keep the ash and coals. It is finished in a high gloss, which may not suit everyone, but it matches the pipe. The mandrel is made of stainless steel and, of course, includes a seal for the crown and the vase.

The functionality of the pipe is up to par. Considering the price - approx. 2,390,- for retail, you get a pipe that will satisfy almost every piper. The diffuser is functional, although the non-return valve is harder to clean, but it has a nice visual effect when it drives the smoke from the heart through the column to the tray.

Combined with real carbon, this is an interesting pipe that aspires to the label design in the basic category of pipes. It is available in 5 color variants, so everyone can choose, or even in the company you don't have to settle for one boring color.

Considering the price, the distributor approach and the durability of the construction, overall it makes a lot of sense for enterprise use, especially as a kind of starter-pack.


  • Durable materials and overall construction
  • Carbon is an interesting design element
  • The non-return valve makes the pipe special
  • Good universal functionality
  • Choice of 5 carbon colors


  • Disassembling the non-return valve
  • Disposable packaging
  • The hose is missing in the package