Jak umýt vodní dýmku?

How to wash a hookah?

1. Washing the vase.

Pour with hot water and add baking soda (in case of heavy soiling, add lemon juice). Wait 10-15 minutes. Without spilling the solution, wash the vase from the inside with a special brush. Rinse with clean water. Both baking soda and citric acid are great ways to clean your pipe without the smell! Unlike dishwashing detergents, which only increase it. If you don't have a suitable puddle, throw a rag or sponge into the vase.

2. Pipe cleaners or how to clean the body and hose.

The best way to clean the pipe shaft is with a long pipe brush with fine bristles. It is also a good idea to put some baking soda inside. Clean the shaft well on both sides (don't forget the valve holes) and then simply rinse it with water.

It's much easier with a hose if it's silicone: pour water in with a finger at one end, rinse it, then pour it out. You can simply rinse it with a stream of running water. Leather hoses are treated more gently, they are cleaned by blowing or dry cleaning with a brush.

The mouthpieces, hubs, caps, mouthpieces and other small parts of the hookah can be washed without any tricks - just soak them, clean them (without using household chemicals) and dry them before you start smoking again. The main thing to keep in mind is what materials the individual components are made of. With a clear conscience, you can wash your personal silicone and glass mouthpieces with water. If you prefer a wooden mouthpiece, it is best to simply clean it.

All this also applies to vases, hoses and the like. Check if your pipe is encrusted with precious stones, if there are no silver or gold pieces somewhere, if the hose is covered with velvet or silk - then the cleaning method will be different. We looked at generally recognized and mainly effective methods. However, there are as many hookah users as there are opinions.