Hookah - Blade One M LE Bronze
Hookah - Blade One M LE Bronze
Vodní dýmka - Blade One M LE Bronze - Izzy Smoke
Vodní dýmka - Blade One M LE Bronze - Izzy Smoke

Blade Hookah

Hookah - Blade One M LE Bronze

Discount priceKč13,990.00

You know the manufacturer Blade Hookah well thanks to luxury accessories - tarbushes, pliers, molasses catchers, protective nets for the bowl, etc.

The One M model has seven color variants - Black, green, red, blue, silver, gold and bronze . The pipe catches your eye, but much more interesting things come to the surface when you look closer. The removable tray contains a gold steel grid, also removable, which prevents the lower part of the carbon from going out. Assuming you put the carbons on the coaster, the air will flow to them from the bottom, so they will not go out. The port on the hose and the non-return valve are mounted directly into the heart by means of an internal thread, the connector on the hose has a magnetic connection and a new rotating system, where when passing the hose to another person, the connector rotates slightly in the port. The downstem has an adjustable diffuser, which can be changed by screwing to change the stroke from completely light to heavier.

The mandrel on the bowl is a molasses trap, which is built directly into the pipe and easily unscrewed after use for washing. The pipe is packed in a luxury box with a print. The mouthpiece in the design of the pipe will also please.

Vase not included

Material:Stainless steel and titanium
Hookah height:58