Hookah vase according to your taste

Hookah vases

Vases are usually not included in the package water pipes, but they are purchased separately. Thanks to this, you have complete freedom when choosing the body and you can assemble the set exactly according to your requirements and taste.

In our offer you will only find the best quality hookah vases, so the choice really depends only on to your taste. All vases are quality-made, strong and durable, so with proper care they will serve for many years.

Hookah vase style

Hookah vases today you can get it in various colors and surface treatments. The two main groups are smooth and cut vases.

  • Smooth hookah vases stand out with a minimalist design that fits perfectly into a modern interior. If modern design appeals to you, choose, for example, vases Drop, Craft, Cosmo or Pyramid.
  • Brushed hookah vases are a work of art in themselves. If you use your pipe as an interior accessory, it will definitely stand out with a cut vase. Again, you can choose, for example, vases Drop or Craft.
  • You can't decide between traditional and modern design? Compromise with the Medusa vase. li>

What's in the hookah package?

Wondering why you didn't get a vase with the hookah body? The hookah package usually includes: body, tray, mouthpiece, seals and in some cases hose or solid box for storing and transporting turnips. The contents of the package are always specified for the given product.

On the contrary, it is not common for the package to include crown and hookah vase that you choose exactly according to your taste.

Finally, don't forget carbons and hookah tobacco so you can enjoy your pipe in peace.

Not sure how to choose a vase? Use our chat, we'll be happy to help!