Jakou vodní dýmku vybrat v roce 2022 ?

Which hookah to choose in 2022?

Welcome to another article, this time we will focus on the 8 top pipes that we have available. I will choose based on my personal experience and practice in the 6 years that I have been moving around smoking rooms, given pipes are not holy, something suits everyone differently, but it is a bridge from which you can bounce back.

These days, pipes, the better ones, don't change that much anymore. It's always about what you like in terms of material, brass, wood, stainless steel, epoxy, plastic and more. Furthermore, the height of the pipe you prefer and the non-return valve, which manufacturers try to make more attractive in order to impress their customers, and last but not least, the pull, lighter or heavier. It's up to you, if you buy a pipe for 2500 approx plus, it only differs in the quality of the material and the given use of decorations and sophistication.

alt= "Karma">

Personally, in the first place I have to mention the manufacturer Karma hookah. The pipe that I personally cannot allow is Karma, it comes from Ukraine, it is one of the first manufacturers who tried to connect metal with wood and succeeded. Karma is produced in different models, which differ in height, color and style of wood. Karma has a harder stroke, so it is not for everyone, but I believe that it will find its place with someone like me. You can buy a pipe from us for a price tag of +- 5000 CZK.

I am clear about the second place and it is the exact opposite of Karma, it is made by MattPear. A Russian manufacturer that was the first to use magnets to connect the check valve and hoses, which hold everything together beautifully. MattPear is a simpler pipe in terms of design but functionally one of the best and for me the most popular in the world. It is easy to blow through, thanks to the quality diffuser, it has a light draft. Earlier models used stainless steel with a plastic cover. Most of today's models are pure stainless steel. The price tag is around 10,000 CZK, lower for the stainless steel model than the older model.

alt= "Hookah Geometries">

In third place in my ranking I would include the Geometry hookah. A beautiful pipe with a great non-return valve and elegance that blows vertically. Personally, I prefer the older Big Bro (stainless steel heart) and Little Bro (plastic heart) models, but even the techno and minimal techno, which are newer products of the manufacturer, look simply sexy. The manufacturer leaned into it and makes its own crowns, but also pliers for interest. The price tag is around CZK 5,500.

Na Grani

He deserves fourth place at Grani. A perfectly functional pipe made of quality material and at a pleasant price.

The pipe is made of stainless steel and is easily unscrewed and therefore portable anywhere. The non-return valve also has a vertical flow heart around the circumference. The pleasant price tag of CZK 4,300 will pleasantly surprise you. Best smoking for the price.

Sunpipe Odin

Sunpipe Odin, a Ukrainian manufacturer who puts his heart into it. Each pipe is made by hand, which makes each piece an original. We have two models from the manufacturer, the classic model is made of wood and the model where epox is used instead of wood in different colors and designs. A pipe with a lighter draw will certainly impress you with its functionality, but also with its price, which is around 6000-7000 CZK.

alt= "Blade">

High elegance, quality workmanship and a uniquely used molasses catcher, that is the Blade hookah. The manufacturer pays attention to the features of the pipe to make it sexy. Take a look for yourself, I personally like the silver and bronze colors the most. The pipe in the thorn has a built-in molasses catcher, a vertical non-return valve and looks simply gorgeous and functionally it will not disappoint you either. The price tag here is higher, around CZK 13,000.

alt= "Japan">

Carbon decoration, light draw and the weight of the pipe, that's Conceptic. The creators of the Japanese hookah here went for a more modern look. The pipe is simple and perfectly functional for the price of CZK 6,000.


If you don't know what to do and you don't want to put a lot of money into it, I also have a solution for you, from my own production, namely the IZZY hookah models. Simple, functional and at a great price of around 2500 CZK. Perfect for a start.