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Blade Hookah

Molasses Catcher - Blade Black

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Melasocatcher is an improvement for hookahs, the purpose of which is to capture excess tobacco molasses that flows from the crown into the body and vase. This will not only allow you to feel the richer taste, but also keep the vase clean. The melasocatcher is placed just above the plate instead of the port under the crown, thus catching moist molasses and preventing it from flowing down into the vase.

Blade molasses trap is designed to collect the remnants of tobacco syrup flowing from the crown into the body of the pipe. Thanks to this, you can feel the saturation of the taste better and at the same time keep the vase clean. The catcher is mounted on the mandrel immediately on the plate at the entrance to the shaft under the crown. As a result, all the liquid is trapped without getting into the vase

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